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Macau coliving

Enjoy the hassle-free and special living experience in Macau!

Previously known as Macau Co-Living, we have since rebranded to Belive &more Co-living offering the ideal spot to live &more.

Co-living (short for “communal living”) is becoming the norm for accommodation in major cities around the world. As the first co-living space in Macau, Belive &more Co-living presents a modern housing concept in Macau, where individuals of similar values and interests come together to live, work, play and create.

At Belive &more Co-living , we aim to create a close-knit community among the residents. Through our monthly events, we hope to create a fun environment for tenants to socialize and get to know each other.  

Whether you want to live in a welcoming and harmonious communal space, or just looking for a quiet place to live in, Belive &more Co-living presents a living space that is serene and dynamic. We are the ideal spot for students, working professionals and expats to connect, stay comfortably at an affordable price.


Here at Belive &more Co-living , tenants will not be tied up to long restrictive tenancy agreements or have to look for roommates. Depending on your needs, you may choose to rent short term or long term, with a minimum of 3 months fixed period. Never have to worry about hidden fees at Belive &more Co-living. Monthly rent includes utilities fee, weekly cleaning services and maintenance fees.


Whether you want to mingle with co-tenants or enjoy some alone time, there is a space for you at Belive &more Co-living. Every apartment is well-equipped with a spacious living room, cozy rooftop, large flat-screen TV, high speed WIFI, washing machine, dryer, and a kitchen.


Tenants can look forward to bonding with other co-tenants over monthly events; dining together at the table, or hiking through the scenic part of Macau.

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Exclusive Tenant Perks

Belive &more Co-living is always on the constant lookout for the best lifestyle perks in Macau to meet your every day needs. Join the Belive &more Co-living community now to enjoy all the perks and discounts with our carefully curated partners!

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Are there any additional charges to the rent?
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There are no additional charges.
Is there an extra fee to use the washing machine and dryer?
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All utilities are included in the monthly rent, there’s no extra fee for using the washing machine and dryer.
Are utilities included in the rent?
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All utilities are included in the monthly rent. However, Belive &more Co-living wishes to play our part in reducing emissions and protecting the environment, we encourage tenants to consume only what they need and turn off the AC and lights when leaving.
How much initial payment should I make to secure the room?
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The first month’s rent and a security deposit equivalent to one month are required at the signing of the tenancy agreement.
What documents are required to proceed with the tenancy agreement?
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To proceed with the Tenancy Agreement, identification documents and necessary permission granted by Macau Government such as a valid work permit are required.
What is the minimum lease period?
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Our minimum lease period is 3 months. However, during special periods, the Landlord may adjust the minimum lease period. Contact our friendly team for more information.
What if my roommate make noise on purpose?
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Belive &more Co-living strives to create a community based on mutual respect. A set of guidelines and house rules are established and agreed upon by all tenants. We seek tenants to be considerate and communicate with their roommates when differences arise. When necessary, the management team will assist with the communication between tenants.
Is there an age limit to stay here?
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Tenants should be at least 18 years old.
Who do I contact in cae of emergency?
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Contact the team via the emergency hotline provided during move-in.
How many people am I sharing with?
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We offer different configurations for different needs. Contact our friendly team for more information.
Can I rent a single bedroom for 2 persons?
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The single bedroom is suitable for one person only. The occupant of the room has to be the same throughout the tenancy period. Contact our friendly team for more information.
Do I have to pay a security deposit?
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The security deposit amounts to one month's rent and will be returned within 30 days from move-out.
Do you have bedrooms with private bathrooms?
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Belive &more Co-living strives to provide comfortable and affordable co-living space. Most of the common facilities such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom are shared. Currently, we have only single rooms available. Contact our friendly team for more information.
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